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Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and affordable, with an increasing number of manufacturers moving production to EV only. Now is time to invest in an EV charging charging unit. With the installation of a domestic charging station, you can ensure an optimal charge every day. Giving you the freedom and versatility of charging around your schedule. Also taking advantage of cheaper night rates for electricity.

Smart Compatibility

Most new charge points are “Smart” enabled, meaning that the system will monitor your power usage in the property and can increase or decrease charging capacity accordingly. The charger can also be controlled via the associated App and scheduled to charge along side your energy tariff.

Benefits of home charging

A domestic EV charging solution is ideal for those with busy lives. A home EV charging station saves precious time, removing the need to visit public charging stations. The installation of your charging point within your home enables you to fully charge overnight, ready for the following day.

Cost effective

According to a survey carried out by Direct Line insurance, Electric Vehicles can save around £107 per year on running costs, over liquid fuel equivalents. It always claims a 58% saving on fuel alone.

Installation solutions for a wide range of chargers


A very popular choice the Hypervolt offers a range of tethered cable lengths and a number of colours, with unrivaled customer support.




The Zappi unit offers a number of smart features, supported by the myenergi app. Compatible with all charging types they are a popular solution.

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The Anderson is a cutting edge piece of design that comes with a range of external finish options. They feature all the smart features you need, while managing not to look like an EV charge point. In my opinion the only solution for an externally mounted unit.

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Simpson & Partners

A stylish and compact unit, available in a selection of colours and finishes. It also comes as tethered or untethered options. Also compatible with the Octopus energy tariff.


Ohme EV

A compact unit with a useful LCD display on the tethered version. The Ohme is compatible with both Intelligent Octopus and OVO Charge Anytime tariffs.


A good charger with the benefit of an on screen display. It also has PIN access which can show costs for a number of users.

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