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Changing Light Fitting
Lightswitch Repair


Its always important to use a qualified electrician when electrical work is needed around the house. Not only does this ensure the correct installation of equipment, it will also check and maintain the safety of your properties electrical systems.

I can carry out a range of electrical work. Anything from changing plug sockets or light switches as part of redecorating a room or a full house renovation, installing lighting and power in the garden or upgrading the fuse board.

Circuit Board Wiring


Sometimes it is necessary to carry out a full or partial re-wire in a property, either due to the age and condition of the cables or when damage has occurred. This should only be done following extensive testing, as the disruption can be extensive. It’s important for your own piece of mind that you are sure this is truly necessary and a second opinion is never a bad thing.

The good news is that due to my experience and connections in the building industry, I can carry out or arrange all of the works to return your home back to normal. Saving you time, hassle and money overall.

I can carry out a full or partial re-wires in a property, either due to the age and condition of the cables or when damage has occurred. 

I can also carry out wiring of kitchens and bathrooms as part of a re-modelling project. Particularly where an electric shower is being installed or a new oven is being fitted. Often upgrading the cables to the correct size is something that is overlooked. Its always worth checking this before progressing work too far.

Electrical Testing
Outlet Repair
Recessed Light Wiring
Socket Repair

Repairs and maintenance

Fuse boards, or consumer units as they are also know, can benefit from periodic change or upgrading. Particularly when a number of installations or additions have occurred over the years. Also as technology moves on, having an RCD protected unit or using modern RCBO’s will offer the next level of safety across the system.

Occasionally little niggles appear in a particular circuit that will cause “nuisance tripping”. This always indicates a fault either in the appliance or in the circuit itself. This should be properly investigated and rectified to ensure the safety of the system as a whole.

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